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An Analysis of Berachah Achat Meien Shalosh

Good lomdus is a lot like detective work. It involves truly seeing what was there all along, although hidden. It entails digging up the clues and putting the pieces together until the full picture emerges. 

In this analysis of Berachah Achat Meien Shalosh, we will examine a seemingly absurd shita of the Raavad. By putting it into the context of three machloket's between the Rashba and Raavad, we will see how each understands Berachah Achat Meien Shalosh, and why each said what he did. 

In the end, the brilliance of the approach of the Raavad emerges in all of its splendor. 

Adventures in Halachik Time- the 14 meals of Sukkot

A conceptual analysis of a fascinating Suggayh, shedding fundamental light on the notion and systems of time in Halachah. For those who thought that the halachik day begins at night- think again (or listen to the shiur)!

Halachah and Values- a case study

An analysis of a seemingly bizarre sugyah, revealing how it reflects and teaches values and sensitivity, when understood properly. An example of how shas and halachah can be the best mussar sefer, if approached in the right way. 

Arvut, Women and Kidush

An analysis of the concept of Arvut and how and why it does or doesn't apply to women. 

Is a wife really bought? [On the meaning of Kinyanim.]

What is the meaning of "HaIshah Nikneit"? Can you really but a wife in Torah? What is a kinyan in general, and in the first chapter of Kiddushin in particular? An analysis of the relevant texts and concepts in the mishnah, gemarah and rishonim, as well as in Tanach

HaRav Et riveinu

An analysis of the nature of the berachah "harav et riveinu" and the approaches of the rishonim to it.

Hadlakat Neirot Shabbat

An analysis of the suggyot and key approaches in the Geonim and Rishoinim to the conceptual and halachik fundamentals of Hadlakat Neirot of Shabbat. The nature of the mitzvah is explored, as well as its relationship to the acceptance of the beginning of Shabbat.

Halachah and Mussar

An analysis of a very perplexing Gemarah, demonstrating how we can uncover the great sensitivity and values of Chazal and learn from them- if we learn properly. 

"Kaasher zamam velo kaasher assah": A case study in the interface between Torah SheBaal Peh and Torah SheBichtav

A different reading of an extremely famous (and misunderstood) midrash chazal. Through a deep reading of the peshat, we gain insight into the concept behind a difficult halachah.

Hashgachah and Eretz Yisrael

A perspective on Hashgachah in Eretz Yisrael, Berachah Achad Mein Shalosh and much more....

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