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A careful reading of the meaning and message of this deep and beautiful tefillah (Hashkiveinu). Alos sheds light on the "dayenu" section of the Haggadah- and more. 

Amalek- Perspectives on Mechiat Amalek

1. A brief analysis of the nature of the particular brand of evil exemplified by Amalek. Also: Why do we particualrly have a mitzvah of Tzedakah on Purim?

2. Putting the obligation to destroy Amalek into perspective. 

The secret of the Mishkan: an adventure in peshat and derash!

A key aspect of the deeper meaning of the text and meaning of the Mishkan parshiyot emerges alongside the revelation of the meaning of a constellation of seemingly bizarre midrashim. A beautiful example of how to learn peshat, derash and the relationship between them.

Yeish Mukdam Umeuchar BaTorah: The Mishkan and the Egel.

Order and structure is closely linked to meaning and message. These shiurim explore many new vistas that are revealed based on the Ramban's understanding of chronology and sequence in the Mishkan- Egel narrative. Some of the issues that are clarified include the mystery of the mizbaich hazahav/ ketoret; the aron- ohel mix-up and the overall structure of Sefer Shemot and Vayikra. 

What is wrong with the Chacham?- another look at the Haggadah

People assume that the Chacham is the hero of the Haggadah, and that he is the counterpoint to the Rasha. Not necessarily. 

Both actually have their shortcomings, and they are more similar than we might have thought!

Critical lessons from the Haggadah (and from the Torah) for all of us chachamim!  

The Essence of Torah and Mitzvot

This analysis of an aspect of Matan Torah (in Shemot and Devarim) sheds light on the meaning of learning Torah and doing Mitzvot.

Pharaoh's Mikdash: an analysis of a subtle aspect of Parshat Beshalach

This shiur explores a fascinating hidden theme in Parshat Besahlach, clarifiying issues of peshat and derash (disecting a fascinating midrash in Vayikra Rabbah).

Note: This shiur adds new insights and clarifications to the version found in Amittah Shel Torah.

Detzach, Adash BeAchav: The Deeper Meaning of the Makkot

The structure, meaning and significance of the 10 Makkot- and much more- explained.

Pesel Michah

A look at the narrative of Pesel Michah that sheds light on many sections of Tanach and their fascinating interaction. This shiur also helps us understand the meaning and relevence of Avodah Zarah.

Kafa Aleihem Har Kegigit

Everyone know this famous chazal, that may or may not really say what we think it says. A deep and comprehensive look at this famous Gemarah.

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