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How to be a Zadik

 Which is greater, learning Torah or saving Am Yisrael? What is true Tzidkut? Did Chazal think it was wrong for Mordechai to be mevatel Torah in order to save us from Haman? Why was Moshe the epitome of a Tzadik? A crucial discussion of the sources.

Exploring the Relationships between the Avot and Imahot

Was Avraham oblivious to his wife's beauty? If so, is that a good thing? What are Chazal really saying? A beautiful perspective on beauty! 

Did Rivkah really keep the prophecy to her self and not tell her husband? How is that possible? The answer tells us much about machloket! 

The Eitz Hadaat Narrative

The Eitz Hadaat Narrative is the foundation of all of the Torah, indeed all of Tanach. In this shiur we delve into the deeper meaning of this fascinating and puzzling narraitve

The Ghosts of Vayikra

A subtle but powerful aspect of Sefer Vayikra is uncovered. Echoes of characters from Bereshit are identified, each contributing a key and fascinating perspective on the topic of Korbanot. 

What did Lavan do?

An analysis of "Tze Ulmad", explaining what we are saying about Lavan and Pharoah, were it comes form- and what it all says about the Haggadah in general. Also-  a look at Bilaam and Lavan. 

The 3 1/2 Forefathers

A beautiful but cryptic narrative yields valuable insights into what it means to be one of the Avot/Imahaot. That, in turn, reveals a fundemental direction for every Jew.

The Secret of Megillat Rut

A seemingly innocuous and extraneous sentence in the megillah actually holds the key to the entire mystery of the book of Rut!


Yosef the Misunderstood

A deep and broad analysis of key texts and perspectives in the narrative of Yosef and his brothers. In this shiur we also explore a famous midrash that seems to have no connection to peshat- until we properly understand both the midrash and the peshat.

Why didn't Rivka tell?

This brief analysis sheds light on a seemingly problematic aspect of the Yitzchak- Rivka narrative and relationship. At the same time, it presents a critical paradigm for understanding an important type of machloket.

Between Penuel and Machanaim- a view on Life's Challenges

Many fascinating surprises emerge from a close reading of the Biblical text surrounding the journey of Yaakov. Along the way we will learn about the subtleties of the Peshat and understand some seemingly strange midrashic statements. This shiur sheds much methodological light on the study of Tanach, midrash- and a key dimension of life!

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