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How to be a Zadik

 Which is greater, learning Torah or saving Am Yisrael? What is true Tzidkut? Did Chazal think it was wrong for Mordechai to be mevatel Torah in order to save us from Haman? Why was Moshe the epitome of a Tzadik? A crucial discussion of the sources.

The Hodaah Section of Shmonah-Esreh

We know that Chazal tell us that the last section of Shemonah Esrei is supposed to consist of Hodaah- but does it really? It seems as if this is true of only one of the three berachot! How can we understand this? A deeper look at the concluding section of the Amidah. Along the way we will also gain insight into Shema Koleinu and Tefillat Haderech

HaRav Et riveinu

An analysis of the nature of the berachah "harav et riveinu" and the approaches of the rishonim to it.

The Essence of Mikra Megillah

An analysis of the conceptual underpinings of Mikra Megillah and the requirement to stand for Hallel.

Talmud Torah or contribution to Am Yisrael (and to the world)?

The Gemarah says that Mordechai went down in stature due to his neglecting his Talmud Torah in order to save the Jewish People. How are we to understand this?

Which is better, contributing to the Jewish People/ the World or learning Torah? What leads to human perfection? What is a tzaddik?

A crucial analysis for our times! 

Biymai Yochanan Cohen Gadol

A suggestion for explaining a suprising formulation in the "Al Hanissim". A different way of thinking about the crisises and threats in our lives.

An Analysis of Birchat Hamitzvah: Over LaAsiyatan

A conceptual and textual analysis of Birchot Hamitzvah, focusing on the halachah of Over LaAsiyatan.

Birchat Reshut and Women saying berachot on nitzvot that they are not obligated in.

An analysis of the issues involved in women saying birchot hamitzvot when voluntarily performing mitzvot. In this shiur we explore the broader issues of birchot reshut, Lo Tissah and berachah sheainah zerichah and the nature of w omen's exemption from certain mitzvot asseh.

Which is holier- Shabbat or Yom Kippur?

We've often heard that Shabbat is holier than Yom Kippur- is this true or false?


How we analyze a matter from a superficial factual-halachik perspective is often the opposite of how it is from a conceptual one. A couple of fascinating examples are the focus of this shiur.

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