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About Rav Twersky

Rav Twersky engaged in teaching Torah

Rav Twersky has been giving shiurim for decades to thousands of students, rebbeim, and teachers at Yeshiva University, Princeton, Columbia, Camp Moshava, Frisch High School and in numerous other venues. Prior to making aliyah in August 2006, Rav Yitzchak Twersky was a senior Rebbe and chairman of the Tanach department at the Frisch School.

Rav Twersky's shiurim- both written and oral - have inspired and informed countless Rabbanim and Rebbeim throughout the US and Israel. He is the author of scores of published articles in Gemara B'Iyun, Tanach, and Machshavah.

Rav Twersky currently lives with his family in Neve Daniel, in the Gush Etzion area of Israel, and gives shiurim in all aspects of Torah in various Yeshivot and seminaries in the Jerusalem area, as well as on the web (Web Yeshivah). 


About the Amitah shel Torah sforim series

The material on this website is based on Rav Twersky's original writings which are compiled in book form as Amitah shel Torah (Feldheim, 2006). These seforim are a wonderful addition to any personal library and can be a great bar/bat mitzvah, birthday or wedding present for anyone interested in understanding the deeper insights of Chazal into Tanach and Torah she'be'al peh. To learn how you can order your own set of the Amitah shel Torah seforim series, please see Ordering Amitah shel Torah sforim series. To sign up to hear about the release of upcoming sforim and major website updates, please send us your e-mail address using the Contact page.



The shiurim on Real feature serious, original and insightful analysis into countless facets of Torah. No "fluff," no "politically correct" conventional or trite fare. Only Real Torah!

Real is a constantly growing repository of mp3 audio shiurim accompanied by pdf files of accompanying source sheets, articles and resources in all major areas of Torah, including:

  • Tanach: Delving into the depths of peshat in the Tanach, exploring the subtle details with an eye towards the big picture.
  • Talmud: An analytical, conceptual exploration of Gemarah and Rishonim. Exploring what is between the lines, the broader concepts and meanings of the texts.
  • Halachah: An in depth analysis of the Halachah based on a fresh look at and a penetrating analysis of the primary sources and concepts in Halachah. A synthesis of the conceptual and pragmatic. Really learning the sources often leads to very different conclusions than we find in the contemporary popular "halchah for dummies" books that are so prevalent today.
  • Machshavah: So much of what is presented today as authentic Judaism is often a radical departure from classical Jewish thought throughout the millennium. We explore scores of critical and highly relevant issues in light of classical texts and perspectives.
  • Midrash: Understanding the poetry of Chazal and the way in which their comments often stem from a broad and deep knowledge of the depths of peshat in Tanach.
  • Tefilah: Exploring key concepts and perspectives in and about Tefillah. Deepening our understanding of what Tefillah is, how it works and why. An examination of tefillot and their meaning and messages. An exploration of how we can make our tefillah better- and how our tefillah can make us better. These shiurim explore a very wide range of sources and texts- Tanach, midrash, shas, rishonim and more contemporary thinkers; and of course- the siddur itself.
  • Chinuch: Insights into how to do it right!

...and much more!

This corner of cyberspace is dedicated to the attempt to understand the depths of Torah, in its many facets; attempting to examine the beauty of Torah through the prism of truth.


If you enjoyed the materials on and in the Amittah shel Torah sforim series, please consider supporting our ongoing efforts to publish new works.